Garden Walks – Westerville Ohio

This is the second half of our Garden Walk in Westerville, Ohio. Westerville has a population of 37,000 residents and is ranked 15th in the Top 100 list of "America's Best Places to Live" by Money Magazine. You can take a photo tour of the city and read more about the city at .

There were total of 10 homes that participated in the garden walk and it took about 7 hours to complete the tour. We saw a wide variety of home and garden styles, very different experience from the Victorian village. These were mainly suburban homes, some new development and some very old, some with moderate size yards and some with acres of land.

Can you imagine this little cozy area with the wisteria flowers all over the support?

Isn’t this a clever bird bath? The little emitter attached to the curved hook provides little dribbles of water all day long.

We also saw a lot of these cleverly put together pots of flowers. I think they are really cute.

I think I am going to build one these in my yard, it keeps the rabbits away and with a fabric covering the top it will extend the gardening season.

I like the metal work on the planters and you see it again repeated on the arbors.

The intricate wood work on the arbor is repeated on the Gazebo.

The placement of the Bird sculptures was very clever. Instead of being tucked away somewhere out of the way, they are placed in the middle of the yard.

This sculpture combination is charming. It reminds me of road-runner and .......

More cute sculptures and bird baths. The scarecrow is my favorite. The birds are made of wood.

A cute little pond, the surface was covered with fishing wire to keep the animals away. A clever solution.

And last but not least, the house I like to call "the Blue elephant". You see what I mean when you look at the pictures. Let’s just say there a lot people taking pictures that day.

Thanks a lot to my husband for taking the pictures.