2010 Troy Gardenwalk Sponsored by Troy Garden Club

Every year I look forward to garden walks organized by various garden clubs in the nearby cities.  I enjoy seeing the different approaches to gardening and garden designs.

Due to my other various activities, I only managed it to make it to one garden walk this year, the Troy garden walk.  Six gardener's participated this year and the gardens covered a wide range of styles from whimsical to formal rose gardens.  From clever ideas to interesting and unusual garden art.  The garden club also added a quilt display in the gardens, which by itself was worth the trip.  Let's start with the whimsical ones:

OLD Soles, what a clever idea :)

Our gardener decided it was too hot to work in the garden, so why not go fishing?

This garden even has room for a small camp site.

Who said ironing was for indoors only?  And, while you're at it, you might as well boil a pot of water for tea later.

Don't throw away that broken bird bath.

What to do with that old swing set after the kids are all grown up?

Here about some interesting garden art? 

The body of the bird is a rock.

This one always makes me smile.

Here are some great views, nicely done hardscapes, formal rose garden and a very cute house.

I would love to seat here and watch the sunset or the sunrise.

The water is gushing out from the middle stone.

Here is the cutest house ever

Part of the quilt display

And last but not least, flowers

I hope I have inspired you to check out the garden walks in your neighborhood.