Making homemade lego gummy candy with grandson

My 6 year old grandson was visiting last week and he asked that we make gummy Lego candy.  At first I didn't believe him.  So he showed the 'how to' video on YouTube.  Sure enough, they were using Lego mold for the candy.  So I asked him, where do you get the mold, and he said at  the Lego land.  He's been asking to go to Lego land, so I told him 'I think you are trying to trick me to go to Legoland', and he said just watch the video.

Well what do you know, he was right, at the end of the video they said you buy the molds at the  Lego Land.  Well, I found out that you can buy them at the Lego store as well and that's where we went.

So a trip to the Lego store and grocery store for Jello, unflavored gelatin and corn syrup, and we were ready to make gummy candy.

Followed the instructions on the video, but my end product was full of foam, and no matter what I did I could not get rid of the foam.  So first trial, not good.  Grandson was disappointed that the gummies did not come out clear.  So, back to the computer and some research on how to get rid of the foam, in the meantime he ate the bad gummies right off the mold (lol).  Tried another batch with a lower heat on the stove.  Got the same results with the second batch, so we tried the suggestion of pouring the warm mixture in a glass and then scoop up the foam.  It sort of worked, except scrapping the foam was not that easy.  We ended up with some clear and some cloudy gummies.  However, the gummies passed the taste test and I got a thumbs up from my grandson.   Thank god for that, I was beginning to think that was going to be the story of the week, try, try, and try again.

I was not too thrilled about using corn syrup, so I found a recipe without corn syrup and it use the microwave to warm up the mixture.  Still could not get rid of the foam.  This one passed the test taste but I was not too happy with the results.

So I searched more, and found a recipe using fruit juice.  He likes grapefruit juice, so I tried it with the grapefruit juice first.  This one worked out better, still ended up with some foam, but it was easier to get rid of the foam than the other recipes, and it passed the taste test.  One thing about using juice, the gummies turn out harder than normal.

I was fired up by now, so I tried it with strawberry lemonade, no good, got thumbs down on the test, then I used orange juice, the same thing, thumbs down on the taste.

At this point, my grandson told me that he likes it better with flavored jello.  So much for trying to be healthy.

At the end, I think he and I both had lots of fun with various gummy candy experiments and that's what matters.

This is our pile of good gummy candy, keep in mind he ate about 2/3s of what we made, before I got a chance to take a picture.  I think they are kind of cute.

And, here is our pile of rejects - that is another thing, the color came out brownish for all the juice ones.  

Here are links to where you can find recipes I tried

The video -

Using juice:  I used 1/3 of the recipe which made about 32 gummy candies.

The recipe using the microwave: ( you can use this recipe, on the stove as well).

Do tell how your come out.