Southeast Michigan Spring garden blooms

More spring flowers are in bloom.

I live in zone 5 just in case you were wondering.

I have two Miss Kim Lilac bushes ( call them bushes because their height is between 4 and 5')  and they both bloomed at the same time.  The flowers are very fragrant, in fact the other night we could smell them from a 100 feet away.

Dwarf Lilac tree
Miss Kim Lilac
This is a field poppy I tried to get rid of about 3 years ago because it had taken over.  There was no sign of them for a couple of years, and now they are back again.  I love poppies, but I am afraid they will take over again.  Have not decided what to do with them yet.

wild Poppy
Field Poppy
These are my peonies.  The yellow one is a peony tree with yellow flowers.  Unfortunately, the flowers have a tendency of hanging down and hiding in the tree, unlike regular peonies where the flowers are above the plan.

Peony Tree
Yellow Peony Tree

Yellow Peony Tree

Pink Peony


The Japanese Iris just opened today.  The painted daisies ( I think that is their name) and the pansies have been in bloom for a while now.

Japanese Iris

painted daisies