I live in zone 5 just in case you were wondering.

The fairy garden is assembled inside and attach to two plastic garage floor tiles that my husband painted green.  The mats were cut to the shape of the outdoor space.

I played around with the layout few times, until I decided on the final layout.
Here is a picture of one of the dry run attempts.

fairy garden setup

fairy garden setup

Next I attached most of the components of the fairy garden are attached to the tiles using outdoor outdoor silicone adhesive.  Below is the aerial view of the assembled garden, anything outside the green tiles, was placed directly in the garden.

Aerial view of the assembled fairy garden
Next we moved the whole thing by moving it to a board and walking to the outdoors.  Last minute touch ups and plantings were done in the garden.  The fairy garden is in a raised bed to keep the deer and other critters away.  I has been outside for a few weeks and has survived rain and high wind.  The plan is to move the tiles with all the attachments inside and store it in the garage during the winter months.