My new Line - Wire Crochet

Coral & Hairpin lace Technique
I have been really busy lately working on my new line of wire-crochet jewelry.

It all started with me picking up a book about wire crochet jewelry and saying, "OOOH this is so nice". Well let's say I have not been able to put down the crochet hook ever since. I like the outcome and it is a nice change from the traditional methods.
Turquoise & Half Double Crochet
So what is crochet and where did it come from?

The origins and when it started is kind of mystery, but everyone agrees that it has been around for a long, long time.

The word comes from croc, or croche, the Middle French word for hook, and the Old Norse word for hook is krokr.

Coral and Hairpin Lace Technique
Research suggests that crochet probably developed most directly from Chinese needlework, a very ancient form of embroidery known in Turkey, India, Persia and North Africa, which reached Europe in the 1700s and was referred to as "tambouring," from the French "tambour" or drum.
Mix and of Gold and Silver Wire Crochet
According to American crochet expert and world traveler Annie Potter, "The modern art of true crochet as we know it today was developed during the 16th century. It became known as 'crochet lace' in France and 'chain lace' in England." And, she tells us, in 1916 Walter Edmund Roth visited descendants of the Guiana Indians and found examples of true crochet.
Mother of Pearl and Single Stich Crochet
In the 1800s as the price of cotton thread dropped, crochet lace became a cheaper substitute for other forms of lace. Crochet gained more popularity during the Victorian era as a proper pass time. Crochet laces became more elaborate in texture and stitching during the Edwardian era. After World War I, it lost it's popularity and less patterns were published and most of them were simplified. After World War II until early 6os, crochet became popular again and many new and colorful designs were published for home decor items. After the 70s interest in crochet declined until early 2001 where it gained popularity again.
Coral and Single Stich Crochet
Wire crocheted jewelry unlike traditional metal work does not produce a shiny form or surface, but instead provides freedom of form and line with a softer more delicate feel. With the new vibrant colors available in craft wire, the possibilities are limitless.
Vintage Button and Cotton Crochet
I had never done crochet, I had to first learn how to crochet and how to read the patterns and then learn how to work with wire.
Leather & Hairpin Lace Technique
Wire has a tendency to collapse on itself, making it difficult to see individual stitches. But after a lot of practice and learning the tricks of the trade, it is becoming more natural and enjoyable.