The Artisan Jewelry Gift Certificate Results

to Darcy from Iowa. She is the winner of the gift certificate.

Thank you everyone for participating in my giveaway. The response and the feedback I received for this giveaway was fabulous, I wish I could meet everyone face to face. I learned a lot from your comments, but first let me answer a question reqarding nickel free jewelry.

There was a comment about nickel allergies and if findings and clasps in my pieces are nickel free? I use a combination of Sterling Silver, fine silver, gold filled, metal and sometimes silver plated findings and clasps. I always mention which metal I am using in my listings (you can also look at the list of the materials). You can be assured that sterling silver and fine silver and Niobium are the only metals that 100% nickel free. You may already know that white gold has nickel (for color and strength) and 14kt yellow gold may contain nickel.

As a note of caution – findings or jewelry marked as nickel free can contain anywhere from .05% to .01% nickel (very very small amounts). I will add a tag of ‘nickel free’ to my nickel free pieces for ease of use.

Here are the changes I am planning on making, based on your comments:

There were a lot of requests for simple, delicate pieces with one or 2 elements. I am working on that, and you can expect to see more ‘Simple Designs’ to come.

Also, there were requests for categorizing my shop differently. I have categorized everything by type of jewelry. Hope that helps. Being on Etsy I have limited room for categorizing; however, you can always use the search button on the top of the page, to search for items in my shop.

Some of you asked for rings, anklets, more stiletto earrings, more pearls and eye glass chains. I will be working on that as well, so visit back.

I agree I need to unify my pictures; some of you liked the wood/natural background, I like that as well. I have been working on that.

All and all, I found your comments very helpful, I will probably do another giveaway like this again after improvements to my shop.

Thank you everyone for participating, and mention this giveaway on your first order for the free shipping.