Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday Gifts for Scorpio

Scorpio October 23 – November 21 – associated with beginning and ending. Scorpions are determined, resourceful, intuitive, emotional, and magnetic, but they can also be jealous, compulsive, secretive, and stubborn. They are self assured and confident. They like being involved in work that is meaningful and they do not like shallow relationships and flattery. Scorpios are independent and will give everything for love. Even though they give the impression of selfish and self-centeredness, they are capable of incredible self sacrifice. They are loyal, courageous, with a great love for luxury. Keep that in mind when planning a birthday party or outing. Order the finest wine and plan your party at the finest restaurant.

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How about giving a wine and cheese journal like this one from Small Square design

They love mystery and adventure, spy gadgets and travel accessories make a great gift.

Leather Passport Case from 7321 Design

FAMOUS WRIST WALLET- Red/Blk Patent Leather from Wilma Accessories Limited

Steampunk Spy Watch Gear in NYC Blue Bayer Billyblue22 from Blue Bayer Designs

Paisley Shabby Chic Travel Hanger Closet Safe for Travel or Home from Susan's Keepsake

Their lucky colors are intense and powerful dark red, maroon, burgundy and black. Scorpio individuals generally prefer clothing in colors associated with nebulous or intriguing patterns, suggesting things that are hidden or mysterious. They also tend to gravitate toward the strong primary colors.

The lucky flower for Scorpio is the chrysanthemum, which counts the chamomile, the tansy, the marguerite and the common daisy among its relatives. Other favorite flowers are Orchids, Gardenia. The lucky gems for Scorpio individuals born in October are opal and tourmaline.

Ablaze-Fire Opal Pink Tourmaline Wire Wrapped 925 Chain Hoop Earrings from Town Country Jewelry

Whimsical from E Ross Designer Jewelry

14kt / Black Australian Opal from Don Madden Jewelry and Photography

The lucky gems for Scorpio individuals born in November are yellow topaz and citrine. Other gems suited for scorpions are Amethyst, Beryl, Sardonyx, Bloodstone, Aquamarine, Coral, and Lodestone.

Citrine Two Tone Dangle Charm Bracelet from Zeba Collection

Lemon Topaz, Peridot and Sapphire from Kate & Company Jewelry Designs

Yellow Topaz and Gold Earring Set from FERNANDO, Fine Art Jewelry by Luis Quintero

Tiger Eye, Citrine, and Carnelian Choker from DWhiteCreations

I hope the above has given you some ideas for a special birthday. Top off the birthday gift with a special card and a small bouquet of Red Orchids.

MORNING DEW Orchid Glitter Photo Card from Fun Cards

Cascading Orchids - Photo Greeting Card from McGuiness Photography

Happy Birthday - Orchid Flower from Creations By Shelley


  1. Here are more gift ideas from a fellow scorpio:

    *books (travel, romance, thrillers, any exciting fiction)
    *good chocolate
    *a favorite perfume or bath & body gift basket
    *favorite restaurant gift card OR a nice dinner out there
    *anything spa or pampering

  2. Lovely ideas!!! Hi, I stopped by and fell in love with your blog, I'll be back for more :)

  3. Ana, I am glad you liked my blog, please do come back soon.

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