Birthday Gifts for Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

Aquarius 'The water bearer' is original and intelligent with a wild and unruly side; they are willing to experiment with anything. They are intellectual in nature and most are lively and social. They tend to be opinionated, highly experimental with an independent streak. They can be unpredictable and stubborn. One minute they can be very expressive, interesting and active and suddenly they become moody and uncaring. On the good side, they are very friendly, good listeners and care deeply for their friends with strong humanitarian ideals and supportive of big causes.

The most important thing to remeber is that they do not like ordinary things. They have a very unconventional taste and tend to stand out from the crowd.

They love good food and friends, so a big birthday party with lots of friends and delicious food is a good idea. Or if you want to skip the birthday party, and put together a very nice food basket. 

Customized Gift get to choose the items from Worth A Fortune - Your one stop candy shop!

DaSweetzpot JANUARY Birthday Garnet Pomegranate Jam Jelly from DaSweetZpot

Antiques and handmade eclectic items are perfect.  They are future-oriented and interested in science and technology. Science-base games, brain teasers, Books, new techy gadgets, computers and computer accessories are suitable gifts.

1927 - Houdinis Big Little Book of Magic - Fascinating Puzzles, tricks, and Mysterious Stunts from Stories Divinations

Sterling Silver 925 4 Band Puzzle Ring from Green Eyed Envy

Vintage Iron Entanglement puzzle Brain Teaser from Pueblo Dove Arts Artistic Creations

Quantum Glass Time Delay - modern, futuristic cyberpunk jewelry - by ClockworkZero from ClockworkZero - Steampunk Jewelry, Cyberpunk & Industrial Jewelry

Retro Tech Bronze Robot - Working Clock Pocket Watch Mechanical Cyborg Pendant Necklace from Decibel - Music Inspired Hedonistic Fashion for Men and Women

I had a hard time picking one clock from this collection, they all are great and unique.

Colorful Computer Hard Drive Clock, Artsy and Decorative from TECO ART - Clock, Computer Part and Art -- all fused together!

Deep Red is the primary color.  Their birthstone is Garnet (January) and Amethyst (February).   Their birthday flower is carnation or snowdrop.

Still Life with Orchid - Fine Silver Floral with Garnet Necklace from VixenWare

SALE - Magic Carpet Amethyst Necklace from CLG Jewelry Designs; Art You Can Wear!

I hope this has been helpful, happy shopping.