Birthday Gifts For Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

I am excited to write this post, because I am a Pisces myself and writing this post is like writting about me.  I hope my family reads this, because there are a lot of good ideas for my birthday gift.

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in different directions. Do I need to say more?

Imaginative, mystified, baffled, empathic, unearthly, secretive, impractical, spacey, tendentious, intuitive are just a few words that describe Pisces.

While they can be extremely empathic and compassionate, they can also act in a heartless fashion. They have a magical personality, gentle nature, with a certain childish element in them. They are charitable and honest and usually active in charities.

They are artistic by nature and very perceptive with an uncanny ability to recall stored knowledge. They enjoy many short trips as a way of relaxation and getting away from day-to-day activities.

Their unpredictable nature makes it difficult to find a perfect gift.

Their colors:         lilac, lavender, purple and yellow
Their birthstones:  amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, jade, rock crystal, and sapphire
Their flowers:        iris, violet and daffodil;

They love to eat and try cuisines from all over the world.  They love romantic, spiritual, mystical and artistic things. They have their own unique sense of luxury, glamour and quality.

Fragrances are good gifts; however before buying perfume make sure the recipient does not have any allergies (click on the images for details).

Magical Mind Perfume - Magical Mind™ begins with a melody of sweet, fresh, and spicy top notes and moves right into narcotic jasmine notes enveloped in a lush forest scent.  From Trust Your style - handmade natural perfume

Vintage Pillbox filled with 1/4 oz InCarnation Solid Perfume - Classy vintage pillbox illustrated with carnations, appropriately filled with InCarnation solid perfume - our new carnation soliflore to be released in winter 2008!  From Ayala Moriel Parfums

Pisces - Zodiac Perfume Oil 10ml (Sale) - Oakmoss, seaweed, amber, juniper, jasmine, lotus and sage make Pisces a simple yet interesting Chypre composition that has salty undertones.  From Ayala Moriel Parfums

Men's Two-Piece Shaving Set - Cool Water - His skin will smell sexy and manly afterward and be dreamy smooth. A little goes a long way and a small dab provides plenty of creamy, rich lather.  From LusciousLather

Vintage Tool Box Mens Giftset - you will get (1) 4 ounce bottle of aftershave/toner, (1) 4 ounce hemp body lotion, (1) 4 ounce shower scrub, (1) .5 ounce cologne oil, and a hand knit shower mitt. (your choice of navy, red, or oatmeal).  From Ophelia's Apothecary Aromatherapy Bath and Body Shop

Natural Old Fashioned Shaving Kit - Clay Shaving Soap and Aftershave with Badger Hair Brush in Up-cylced Cigar Box.  From Orange Fuzz Boutique

How about some fine wines?

  FINE LIFE 5-Piece Cherry Tone Wood Wine Box - Elegant Storage and Accessories for a Fine Bottle of Wine!Clarke & Spurrier's Fine Wine GuideWorld of Fine Wine

They love mystery, keep that in mind when choosing to go to movies.

Poirot - The New Mysteries Collection (Death on the Nile / Sad Cypress / The Hollow / Five Little Pigs)

The Crown Crime Companion: The Top 100 Mystery Novels of All TimeThe Alibi

Foot massage, pedicure, slippers, shoes, home spa kit, aromatherapy bath and body sets are also good gifts.

Cabin Clogs Hand Knitted and Felted Slippers-Raspberry - These slippers can be made in any size from child size 2 to mens extra large, and in any color combination.  From Luv Ewe Knits

Inca Moccasin in Deep Purple - Beautiful, strong all deep purple buffalo leather might make this moccasin your favorite.  From TreadLight- for those who leave light footprints

Knit Crochet Moccasin Slippers, 3 Pairs Special - Free US Shipping. Very compact and light, almost weightless.  From Natalya's Studio: Custom Knit, Crochet Designs

Handmade Sandals (7036)- These sandals are handmade with high quality of calf leather. From LilaSandals - Handmade Leather Sandals

Swimming and sailing is their sport of choice.

Made To Order - Marlene Dietrich One Piece Swimsuit With Hand Beaded Detail - You can take this bathers straight from the beach to the bar if teamed up with chic trousers or skirt and heels. From Stepanka - made in Australia

Violet Brazilian Tie Bottom Bikini Made To Order in Custom Bra Sizes. From Harajuku

2 Piece Plus Size Skirted Swimsuit - Zaftig Delights - Imagine yourself in this adorable and flirty 2 piece Swimsuit from Zaftig Delights! From  Zaftig Delights - Jewelry * HairStyx * Plus Size Clothing

Mens Twilight Stripe Swimsuit Made To Order - Men's close-fitting square-cut swim shorts in matte-finish polyester/spandex have lining panel in front and 3/4 inch elastic waist; no drawstring.   From Harajuku

And last but not least, jewelry with their birthstone.

Floral Amethyst Bracelet - A delicate design, hand made from sterling silver, the flowers seem to balance on their tendrils. From  Lana Doolaege Jewelry Design
Sterling Silver Starfish And Amethyst Necklace - Sometimes the simplest things can be the inspiration for a gorgeous piece. A plastic starfish toy was the inspiration for this piece.   From Zeba Collection

Aquamarine Necklace and Earring Set - This necklace was designed using gorgeously faceted and graduated in size Aquamarine rondelles with hammered Thai Silver (sterling) beads as well smaller sterling silver beads and daisies used as spacers. From Theresa J

Little Mermaid Ring - This is a sea creature ring features a faceted natural Aquamarine gem stone. The color of this stone ranges from blue to green and yellow tones.   From  NODEFORM

Other wonderful gifts to consider are:  poetry, dream interpretation and art books.  A romantic movie or dinner with candle lights and flowers.  Finish your gift with some unique and handmade cards.

Pisces Zodiac Birthday Card - Inside text: "And you are cherished for all that you are. Happy Birthday!"   From Horoscopus

Birth Month/Birth Stone Greeting Cards - The image I have created on my line of individual birth month cards depicts the birth month flower for each month. Attached to the front is a small sparkling Swarovski crystal rhinestone representing the birthstone for that month. On the back, the copy details the personality characteristics associated with a person born in that month. Both Cards are from  Flower Girl Cards