Birthday Gifts for Aries (March 21 - April 20)

The spring equinox, March 21, is the beginning of the new zodiacal year and Aries is the first sign. Aries is an assertive sign, stubborn, direct, impulsive and adventuresome.

They are sharp and to the point. Aries sometimes look at things a bit too simplistically and are quick to jump to conclusions.

They tend to be generous and big-hearted, and have a strongly compassionate side to them. Although often considered strong, Aries people are actually quite sensitive at their core. They tends to dislike whiny people.

They are leaders instead of followers. They make great athletes, climbers, doctors, explorers, and of course leaders.

Aries love surprises, so a surprise party would be wonderful.

Their color of choice is Red.  Aries are impulsive and active, their hobbies may include any athletic pursuits from dance to sports to yoga. Sports gear or tickets to a game make excellent gifts.

"Yoga Mat Bag - Recycled Sailcloth - Red and Black" from RAGGEDedge

"tapping at my heart... " from Vera Vague

"Handmade American Cherry Bicycle Grips" from Carter Fabrications - A Portland Oregon Woodworker

They are entrepreneurs, so gifts that help them with their business will be great.

"I'd love a Line Sheet Template - to help promote my work - fully custom designed specifically for your products and your business"  from My Magic Button - Web Solutions for your Etsy Business

"250 100 lb. stock Business Cards Professional Printing-Detailed Design or Simple" from Callista's Graphic Design Studio

"Marketing Planner - Get Creative, Make a Plan, Promote Your Shop, Make Sales" from Miss Sideburns Financial Tools for Craft Shop Owners

"New Shop Start-Up Package" from New {or old} Shop! - Identity / Business Branding

Their birthstone is Diamond and their alternative stones are Bloodstone, Topaz Sapphire, Jasper, and Aquamarine.

"Aries Constellation Ring in Argentium Sterling and Diamond" from  Garnet Girl Designs ~ Wearable Custom Art Jewelry

"Natural Rose Cut Diamond - Circle Pendant" from  Danielle Miller Jewelry: dynamic motion = pure joy

"Diamond Drop Hoop Earrings in 14K Gold" from  Michelle Chang Jewelry

Stay away from practical or organizational gifts.  Aries are fun loving, daring and love a challange.  Find out what they like to do and find a 'How to' book to get them started on a new hoppy.


And as always, finish up your gift with a custom made birthday card.

"Aries single Zodiac greeting card" from Merry Nonsense

"aries - astrology card and envelope" from mince, a bit of everything ♥australian store

ARIES ram Zodiac (Mar 21 - Apr 19) linocut from Winged Lion - Hand-pulled linocuts and designer jewelry