Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finds From A Land Far-Far Away on Etsy

I was born in Tehran/Iran and came to United States in 1977 to continue my education and ended up staying here.  Today, just out of curiosity decided to look up on Etsy for items from Iran.  I didn't expect to find anything, but I was pleasantly surprised, everything from food and recopies to photos and jewelry.  Here is a sample of what I found.  If you are into sweets, I recommend the Persian Rose Pistachio Nougats.

'From A Land Far-Far Away' by Zeba

A sampling from the old country.

1584 ShahAbass antique solid...
Persian Hare Pin
Rumi Pendant (Large Bronze) ...
Persian Beauty 7 -Huge Multi...
Genuine 100 percent pure Pe...
persian rose pistachio nouga...
small persian spice kit with...
Organic Persian Broadleaf Cr...
The Iranian Writer - Print
Si-o-sei Poll (5 x 7) Isfaha...
Islamic Pattern Photograph -...
Persian Art Melody
Persian Flower Linen Pillow ...
Persian Classic
Tile Wall Panel - Persian Mi...
Persian Ceramic Switch Plate...

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  1. I just figured out that something was wrong with my link. I thought you hadn't updated since February! I have lots to read!